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Your donations will help to make more of Ellen G. White’s writings available in multiple languages both online at http://egwwritings.org and in various apps for mobile devices. With a donation of US $15 or more you will receive a bonus gift to download the Ellen G. White's Writings CD in either English (Mac/PC), German (Mac/PC), Spanish (Mac/PC) or Russian (PC only).

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Adventist HomeSinhala$410.00
Early WritingsPolish$490.00
Steps to ChristGreenlandic$300.00
Steps to ChristIgbo$215.00
Steps to ChristLappish$290.00
Steps to ChristLettish$355.00
Steps to ChristLivonian$355.00
Steps to ChristMacedonian$220.00
Steps to ChristRuthenian$365.00
Steps to ChristVenda$240.00
Steps to ChristYoruba$220.00
Steps to ChristPolish$390.00
Steps to ChristWendic$440.00
Steps to ChristBohemian$250.00
Steps to ChristMalayalam$310.00
Steps to ChristMarathi$275.00
Steps to ChristArmeno-Turkish$375.00
Steps to ChristBerber$215.00
Steps to ChristFarsi$260.00
The Desire of AgesEthiopian$1,970.00
The Desire of AgesFarsi$1,820.00
The Great ControversyArmenian$1,360.00

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